Window Perf is Great and Here is Why 

The best advantage to having custom made window perf is that you can see out of it, and your potential clients can see your branding. This is a great advantage over other types of glass films. The main advantage is that you can see through it, while people cannot see in. It is not only used on the outside of businesses but the inside too. This is a great privacy option over having mirrored film put in. 

You can display your logo, product photos, sales, and important information in a public window. The possibilities are endless. We place window perf on company vehicles all of the time. I would say we do this more than storefronts. 

Putting up custom see thru sales, posters, graphics, or signs is a modern high-tech way not to hide your view to the outside. The open area becomes a huge printable area or place to print high-resolution images on your storefront. This draws more attention to your storefront! 

Reduce electrical Costs and Glare 

This is a great storefront window films to reduce the glare of your windows. If the glare from your windows is bothering your neighbors or passersby, perforated vinyl film with a black adhesive will help with this. It will eliminate it! In addition to helping with glare, it can be placed on the side where the sun comes in. This will reduce the natural heat coming in from the windows. Perforated window film makes a great addition that also helps to save you cooling money! It works as a heat control window film. perferated window film

 Hide Clutter and or Construction  

It is not uncommon for us to put up perforated window film to hide construction or excessive clutter. This keeps your business looking good, and the ugly stays on the inside. This means you share the best, not the worse!  

Window Perf Decorated Window Film can be: 

  • Any Shape 
  • Any Graphic 
  • Any Color 
  • Any Size (Including Covering the Whole Window) 
  • Any Quality  

  Here Are Some Key Points You Should Know About Perforated Window Tint 

  • Allows you to see outside without people seeing inside. 
  • Make your windows bright and vibrant, eye-catching graphics. 
  • 80% film and 20% perforated holes. 
  • Thickness is thicker than other sign shops. 
  • Creates an identity for a corporation. 
  • Any design, any color, any shape, and vibrant. 

perferated-window-filmIf you have seen a vehicle wrap and the window graphics? These are made with window perf, allowing the driver to see out of the vehicle. These are sometimes referred to see thru vinyl or one-way window film. 

Get Window Perf in Houston Texas 

Sign Commanders has great customer service and love taking charge of your window graphics needs! We offer all kinds of decorative films to do the job you need to be done, everything from static cling to stained glass patterns! No other sign shop will take care of you the way we will! 

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