Selecting the Right Material for Your Storefront Sign is Very Important

Your storefront sign has several jobs to do for you. The most important is to increase your brand recognition in your local area. This, of course, will improve your foot traffic to your shop. Storefront sign is vital to the image of your business. This is why you want to use a professional sign shop design and build your own.

Sign Pros designs and installs storefront signs daily. We handle everything from the design to the permits. Once you come into one of our locations, we will start to design your sign and work with you on what you have envisioned. We can make your vision come to life! We want you to get the maximum for your investment. With the right planning, your sign will come together fast with the proper materials.

What’s in a Storefront Sign Material

Certain types of signs perform better under certain circumstances. You don’t want to put up a foam sign in a high wind area because it will break apart and fail. We take temperature variations, strong winds, humidity, and rain into consideration when designing and building your sign.

You can find online sources for channel letter signs and other signs, but they don’t understand our weather because they are not here in the Houston areas. In the long run, you will not save money. Cheap materials and labor will not make a good sign.

The international cheap sign makers offer lower prices because they can use inferior products in their signs. If you have a problem with your sign, we are here locally to help you. Try getting some help from some of the online companies.

Another thing you have to do is pull your permits and find someone experienced at installing signs. This is not as easy or cheap as you might think. Because they are only doing one job for you, they will not give you the best deal they can. 

Let Us Help You with Your Storefront Sign

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