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Sign Commanders is a Houston TX Sign Company that works to bring your needs from though to production. We take Control of all of your sign needs. We use the most advanced technology to manufacture signs. High end printers with the best sign designers in the sign industry. We customize your project and customize your size to your specifications.  

We build and manufactured all types of signs. Here is a short list of signs we build, if yours is not on here call us: outdoor signs, indoor signs, custom signs, LED signs, channel letter, monuments sign, and business signs. We are dedicated to you. Think of us not as an outside contractor but a part of your company team. Unlike many other Houston Sign Companies, we are part of the solution not part of the problem. Fast turnaround no weeks of waiting to get what you need! 

Full-Service Sign Shop Houston Texas 

We are a full-service sign shop catering to the Houston Texas/Harris County Texas areas. We will oversee every aspect of your sign project, from permits to installation. Our sign designers will work all of the details out with the local municipalities to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our goal is to give you the best possible experience in sign installation as you can possibly have. Our sign experts have worked with large and small companies. No job is to small or too big for us. Our experience allows us to help you to have a seamless, painless experience.  

Our experience allows us to quickie get your signage built and installed in record time. This means you are saving money and getting what you need to get your brand out in front of your clients. 

When we take control of your signage needs you will see the value and the professionalism you deserve. We want you to be successful and accomplish your goals. We enjoy being involved with our local businesses, no matter how big or how small your project is? We build lifetime relationships not one-time jobs.  

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No Matter Your Business Niche We have Signage Solution for You 

It does not matter the type of business you own or are in, we have you covered. Your signs will be made in house by our workers. This helps local economy and builds a stronger economy where you are opening your business. 

Sign Commanders is your one stop shop for all of off your sign needs. We are able to do a wide range of signs with different installations and different textures. We can do a wide range of colors, designs, and custom graphics for any project. 

We work and in hand with you to produce and accomplish all your sign needs, both on a in house level and a municipality level. We sit down with you and work with you. No other sign shops do this. Your needs be all of your questions and needs will be answered regarding your indoor signs, outdoor signs, or custom business signs. 

Custom Outdoor and Exterior Signs 

Your outdoor signage is the number one thing that brings in new clients. This is also the best way to get your brand out in front of people. When you are ready to do get your branding out to the public by placing a sign outside, we are here to help you. 

There are many types of outdoor signs, here at Sign Commanders we manufacture all kinds of these signs. You will get your brand and create loyalty from your customers. You will attract lifelong clients by your outdoor sign bringing them in! 

Channel letter signs are a great way to do this. They light up at night and allow you to be seen even at night. Channel letters have several options such as brightness, size, design and color. 

During your free phone consultation, we can go over the options that will meet your needs. We even come out to your location to better serve your sign needs. 

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Interior and Indoor Signs 

We are able to design and build your perfect interior signs. Type of interior sign depends on the type of business you have and the type of need it will be used for. Many businesses use lobby signs, door numbering, posters, vinyl wall morals, and promotional signs. 

Many retail stores find that point of purchase signs bring them a lot more sales thus increasing their profits. Often these are used for limited time sales. Putting advertisements in front of your registers is a great time to push extra sales! 

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Graphic and Vinyl Signs 

Effective vinyl signs are an art form and we have artist on staff to help you achieve your goals. We make some of the best banners, graphics and vinyl graphics in the sign industry. We want to find the best strategy to draw people in. These will be the best for converting your traffic into spenders.  

We help you with your sign strategies to accomplish your goals. Vinyl sign solutions can be complicated but you don’t worry about that, we handle all of it. Whether it is banners, vinyl window clings, floor graphics, wraps or wall graphics. Attractive graphics with professional sign installers is what you will get out of us. 

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Special Event or Trade Show Displays 

Do you want to make an impact at a trade show? We have you covered in this specialty sign area. We will make a special curved or non-curved display that will get your brand in front of potential clients. We even offer special led lighting for your displays. These are not one-time use; they can be used over and over to make great impressions at the shows! 

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Custom Signs Houston 

If you need a unique sign that fits into your brand, we have your sign needs covered. This is a common practice we do daily for our clients. Our shop has a huge selection of sign products and materials ready to be used to custom fabricate your sign. We are a Houston based sign company that takes great pride in working for you! 

Custom Sign Design 

Many sign shops charge you a sign design fee, we do not. All basic sign design is free, if it is a complex design we charge by the hour. Our sign designers work with you hand in hand to accomplish your goals. Your signs will have your logo on them and be made of the best American made materials. Your professional sign creation will be the highest quality you can get. We even back our work by our sign warranty. 

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 Our in-House Expert Sign Installation 

You can have the best sign in the world but what makes it is the installation. An improper installation of your sign can ruin everything, could even cause you and the sign company to have civil liabilities. Make sure you get what you not only need but high-quality installation. We pay attention to the small details. The finishing touches is what make the sign. If you want an attractive, safe sign, call us for a free no obligation sign quote 713-360-6675. 

Receive a no Obligation Sign Quote and Consultation 

Give us a call or come by to discuss your signage needs. We are happy you are giving us a chance. When you call us explain what your needs are, the budget and time frame. We are able to help you and get things done in a hurry! Call us right now at 713-360-6675 to get started. 

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