Sign Commanders Is Your Sign Professionals (Sign Pro)

Sign Commander prides itself as real Sign Professionals, Sign Pros, on making sure we not only meet your expectation but exceeds them. Many sign shops take your order, and you get what they want you to have. We actually sit down with you and design with you. Yes, one of our designers will sit down and design your signage needs with you. Our goal is to make sure you are pleased with your product.

How Long does it Take to Get My Sign Made?

This depends a lot of times on the amount of work we have pending. If there is a lot of work in our production ques, it may take a couple of days. We tell everybody it takes five days to make your sign, but it usually only takes about three in reality. We would rather give you your sign early than right on time.

The more you have gathered, the better. Please have your design thought of and any artwork you might want to be incorporated with you when you visit us. This will help us to speed up the process of getting your project designed.

We, Will, Send You a Proof to Your Email or by Text

This allows you to see the design before we put it into production. It also ensures that everything is correct. Many companies will require you to sign a document, and we only ask that you reply to our message. Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible. We want to experience to be the best you have ever had!

Contact Sign Commanders for a True and Real Sign Professionals!

We have several ways for you to get into contact with us. The easiest way is to call us at 713-360-6675. We will answer immediately and help you! The other way is to click on our contact us page to send us a message. As Sign Professionals (Sign Pros), we pride our self on giving top-notch service!

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