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It does not matter the kind of industry or business channel letters are the most popular choice. They are the most effective to draw in more customers.

Channel letter signs are the most customization signs out there. The design depends on your need and branding guidelines. The perfect channel letter sign will be designed and made for your needs. You can have customized designs, colors and shapes. Illumination can even be customized to meet your needs!

Storefront Channel Letter Signs

Many clients call us in Houston for a free no obligation quote 713-360-6675. These specially made signs are three dimensional. They are hand made by us. The first step is for us to cut a paper design, then cutting metal templates, letters, symbols or numbers. We then place them on a raceway. The raceway provide a stable and secure way of mounting houston channel lettersyour new sign. You are also able to mount them straight to your building; it depends on the application and design.

Your top will be an acrylic. The acrylic not only provides protection but adds beauty to it! They are different colors and shapes. They are made specially for your application.

Store Front Recommendations

We recommend you putting your logo, company name and slogan. If you are and established company with a trade brand, it can be duplicated. The fonts, style and colors are all duplicated. If you can dream it we can make it! We are even able to build you a customized font that nobody else has!

So many different types of businesses use channel letter signs. Shopping centers, grocery stores, manufacturing companies, retail outlets, schools, churches, malls and many more organizations we have not mentioned.

Another Option That is Popular is Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter is really close to channel letters but they are not the same. Each of the two are created individually created. The main difference is one is hollow while the other is not. Dimensional letters are not hollow at all.channel letters

Dimensional letters start off as a solid sheet, the thickness varies with the application and design. Keep in mind the sheet can be metal, acrylic, or even wood.

Your custom design can be flat, deep or both, it depends on your customized design. At Sign Commanders we help you promote your brand effectively with specially designed, high-quality, good-looking, durable dimensional letter signs.

Illuminated signs or Back lit Signs

Adding led lights to channel letter signs draw a lot of attention. Sometimes brighter is not always better. Bright lights do make it easier to be seen at night or stormy weather. This allows your clients to know where you are located. The object is to get your branding out to the public.

Our licensed master electricians add the lighting and do the connections. We take care of every step of the process for you. There is not a need of having to hire anybody else to do other parts of the job. As a professional sign company we are proud to be serving your sign needs.

At the end of the job we always clean up behind ourselves. Our goal is to leave your place better than we found it!

If you are open at night these signs not only let clients know but also provide a sense of security.

A lighted sign is the perfect choice for:

  • Convenience stores
  • Comedy clubs
  • Coffee shops
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Theaters
  • Bars

This type of signage is also a good choice if you just want to stand out from the competition.

Sign Shop Houston offers you a Free Houston Channel Letters Consultation

If you would like a free no obligation phone or onsite Houston channel letters consultation please call 713-360-6675. Our dedicated designer and sign makers will ask you a few questions and schedule with you an in person visit.

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