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Custom Acrylic Signs in Houston

Acrylic sign are the perfect choice for businesses that want the sophisticated and modern look. Acrylic is a clear colorless, durable polymer that is transparent. These signs are lighter and a great alternative to glass.

Custom designed acrylic signs will give your business a fresh branding that clients will respect. We can design any acrylic sign to meet your needs. Acrylic is a material that can be used on countless applications. Custom restaurant menus, lobby signs, room or office ids, product displays, directional signs, way finding signs, POP signs, lobby signs and so much more!

Acrylic Sign Options are Many

Not all acrylic signs are created equal. Though they serve a variety of purposes and can be fabricated for different types of uses, it’s important to get them made in a way that enhances its effective and increases its lifespan. One way to do this is to determine how you want your design to be printed on your particular acrylic sign: standard surface or subsurface printing. And New Modern Sign has the skill and equipment to do both.

Standard surface printing prints your design on the front side of the acrylic. This gives your sign a matte finish and a thicker feel. If you aren’t exactly fond of having transparent signs and would prefer to have the design cover up the space on the sign, then standard surface acrylic signs would be a good option for you.Acrylic Signs Houston

Subsurface surface or second surface printing means we print your design on the back side of the clear piece of acrylic.Sign Commanders prints the design in reverse so that it can be seen through the front. Subsurface acrylic signs have a glossy finish and a feel of depth. Though they cost more than standard surface signs, having your design printed under the layer of acrylic does give your sign more protection from elements and makes it last longer in the outdoors. If you’re looking for signs that comes with a glass-framed appearance and a layer of protection for your design, subsurface acrylic signs will do the trick.

Frosted Signs or Clear

Being the best sign shop in Houston for many years, we understand your special needs. The opacity of your acrylic sign will draw attention and make it astatically appealing. Our goal is to build you a sign the perfectly represents your brand. Sign Commanders can easily make your acrylic sign clear or frosted.

Clear acrylic signs give you a slick modern look and appear with a corporate feel. It will have a nice rich gloss finish, with or without an image backing. We are able to also make your sign a 3 dimensional or 3D.

Acrylic is a lot safer than glass. It will not shatter and cut people or objects. It is recommended over glass when patrons safety could be an issue.

Used for Outdoor or Indoor Signs

Versatile is another name for acrylic. This product is such a good great product for the use in sign making. No matter if you want to use it on the inside out or outside, it is a solid substrate.

You can have so many options they are to numerous to list. We have used it in restaurants, sports arenas, and even inside of huge fish tanks! We have even made counter tops that needed designs and lights in it!

Full-Service Sign Company

Sign commanders is proud of our years of experience in the sign making business. We are a trusted custom acrylic signs provider and have been producing them with the most effective processes, best materials, and most meticulous eye for detail.

Our products are made of the best shatter-resistant polymer, printed with premium UV ink, as well as handled and installed by the most qualified signage specialists in the area. New Modern Sign even has a strong team of graphic artists who can help you out with your sign designs if you don’t have one yet. As a proven full-service sign company, we help you through the sign-making process from planning to installation.

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