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Business Card Prices

  • Qty 1,000 – Business Cards – Double Sided – Full Color – 3.5 x 2   $75.00
  • Qty 5,000 – Business Cards – Double Sided – Full Color – 3.5 x 2   $130.00
  • Qty 10,00 – Business Cards – Double Sided – Full Color – 3.5 x 2   $199.99
  • Qty 20,000 – Business Cards – Double Sided – Full Color – 3.5 x 2   $350.00

7 Rules of an Effective Business Card

You want an effective attention-grabbing high quality business cards, more than your name and contact information. The standard business card is 3.5 inch by 2 inches to make an impact. This area you will have a design and information to make your business stand out. The goal is to get the person receiving your card to keep it and not throw it away. These are potential prospects to help you grow and become a bigger business.

Your brand is very important.

Follow some simple steps to a great custom business cards design basics to represent your brand and business services. This will help to attract potential client and networking partners. You want a full color card that grabs attention.

Include Only What’s Will Bring People to Your Brand

You want to include your basic information but also you want to include something that will make you stand out from all the other cards they have seen.

You will want to include everything on your card but don’t. You don’t want to crowd the card and over load it. Your social media and stuff can wait or they can get it off of your website. So yes, include your website and other company branding information.

Make it Easy to Read

This is an important part of all business cards. Please do not overlook this section. You want a professional design that looks modern with all of your branding and information on it. Don’t go with a fancy font that is hard to read. This causes some people to disregard your card all together.

Your logo and brand should be the center point of your card. Your text should be simple and to the point.

Some Companies Prefer White Color Back

Some businesses use the back of the card for appointments or for customers to take notes. When this is the case, we do not make the backside glossy. When your card is glossy it cannot be written on with a regular pen. Business cards online companies let you design from a template and does not allow your card to have your touch to it! The white space also draws attention to your card.

Get Your Business Cards Made Professionally Houston

If you are not in the printing business you will go to your local office supply store and purchase a kit to make your own cards. This is a great way to make cheap business cards but at the same time it can make your company look cheap. How is a customer supposed to trust your work when you don’t have a professionally made card? Your card is an extension to your business!

Card Should Appeal to Your Audience

If you have multiple companies that complement each other you need to build a card that caters to all of them. If there is only two of them you can use one side for the main and the other side for the other.

If you have multiple businesses that complement one another, consider using the front of your business card for one venture and the back for the other.

The Finishing on your Card Makes Your Card!

The finishing that is placed on your card can have a huge impact on your brand. If touch some cards they a soft touch to them while others feel like regular paper and don’t have a coating at all. We prefer spot UV coating. There is ultra thick and ultra-thin paper. There are several paper stock options available. You can even have metal cards or plastic cards. Cards are made to leave a long lasting impression!

Lately we have been asked by companies to make a fold over card. These are great and make a mini brochure. Advertising that travels with your potential clients.

We also offer an offset printed card. Not many sign shops offer this anymore. It is old fashioned but very classy. It is nice to see a timeless classic coming back in use. There are several finish options for all types of your cards.

Don’t Forget a Call to Action

No matter what your business is or what your niche is, you need a call to action on your card. I see cards come into the store all of the time and hardly ever see a call to action on them. I have had great luck with putting calls to action on cards. This turns your card into a lead magnet. Have a short message that offers a discount or a good deal if they go to your website and sign up to your email or visits your location.

These steps will make your cards the best lead magnet you have ever had in your business. We are here to help you with all of your sign and print product needs. Call us for a free telephone consultation 713-360-6675.

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