Yesterday we did a wrap for a non profit 501 (3c), it was not only us that did the wrap. This is a great example of three small businesses coming together to help the local community. This is why we should all shop local, when you shop local the money stays in the area and promotes local growth!

I will go thru each company and high light the part they paid. Yes we are mentioning other companies in the same industry as us. These other companies are also sign pros and want to thank them for their help!

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Texas Sign Bandits is a Small Family Ran Sign Shop

This company is family owned and operated. They have been in the industry for over 30 years. Great bunch of people that care about the community. They specialize in vehicle wraps including full vehicle wraps or partial vehicle wraps. This is not all they do. This is a full service sign shop.

Alex the owner has a degree in designing and whom I personally go to for advice. His knowledge is vast. What I like is he works and in hand with his son, Joseph. Joseph is young but learning from his father and learning fast!

Fellers Sign Supply Came Thru for us and Stepped up to Help

Fellers Sign Supplies sent the material for the wrap. The cut no corners in doing this. Fellers is our primary supplier of sign supply, they are the worlds largest wholesale supply company. They have two offices here in Houston Texas and carry both expensive and cost effective materials. They are our main supplier.

I called my sales person and mentioned the JPCares contacted us about a cost effective wrap for their delivery vehicle. Dianna jumped into action and started asking questions. After a couple of minutes she said I will call you back in ten minutes!

She called back and said “Fellers is donating all of the material to print the job!” I was amazed that such a large worldwide company was willing to take and interest in a small local non profit company. Keep in mind that their main office is not located here in Houston Texas.

Sign Commanders Houston’s Sign Shop

We got a call from JP the founder of JPCares one day asking about a wrap for their box truck. In the past we have done small stickers and or graphic designers have helped them out. By far this is the biggest project we have done for them. We do commercial vehicle wraps on a small scale.

As a sign shop we are a full service sign shop, this means Sign Commanders is your one stop solution to all of your full color printing needs and signage!

Types of Vehicle Wraps and Ways to Promote Your Business

Vinyl Wraps are a great way to advertise your business. Vehicle wraps and graphics give you free expose where you need it, in the community you work in. Think about this, your company vehicle pulls in to do a job at a business, the other businesses see it, they will trust and call you because you have already done business with someone there before.

We have done fleets of vehicles in the past and the companies have seen an increase of up to 80% due to the advertisements. This is huge and is a great ROI for the companies.

Wrapped vehicles or trailer wraps, also build trust because they are nice and visible. In this day and age there is a lot of crime and we all have to keep our eyes out, a wrapped vehicle lets your clients know that your company is trustworthy and professional.

Auto Wrap or Car Wrap Options

The options you have when it comes to wraps is huge. Your wrap design will have a lot to do with your options. If you are wrapping a vehicle for a car show then it is one kind of material verses a design for a company.

In fact at times we do a partial wrap on many commercial vehicles, this is a great option! This means we are not doing a complete wrap but part of it. The truck we did for JPCares is actually a partial wrap. Partial wraps are more cost effective then full wraps. Food trucks usually go with a partial wrap for example.

List of Companies mentioned in This Article:

Fellers Sign Supply (Wholesale to Industry only)

Texas Bandit Signs
6302 Gulf Freeway, Suite A,
Houston, TX 77023

Sign Commanders
12655 Woodforest BLVD Suite 510B
Houston Texas 77015

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