As a business owner, you hold the livelihood of your business in your hands. Reaching more customers, and giving more of them the to try your product, can be a great way to keep that livelihood alive.

Signs play an essential role in communicating with customers and clients. For this reason, it’s important to choose a company that can create signs that are as professional as the business itself.

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Increase Revenue & Brand Loyalty With High-Quality Signage & Advertising!

Need a sign company in Houston? You can find several of them on the internet but most will not be able to match the quality and level of service that Sign Commanders provide.

Sign Commanders is a premier sign company in Houston, Texas. We specialize in commercial signage and offer a variety of services such as:

A Complete Sign Company “Near Me”

Sign Commanders is a signage partner that will help you with all your interior and exterior commercial signs. Our dedication to each project sets us apart from other Houston sign companies. Our goal is to make sure your business is represented in the best way possible.


  • We can help you find the most suitable exterior sign advertising that satisfies your business objectives, plus your budget and marketing goals.

    Our Houston sign company is dedicated to providing you with the best signs in the city. Our talented and hard-working team makes up our prestigious firm that services Houston, Texas as well as other areas. We won’t blindly start producing signage; instead, we’ll research, strategize, and design your signage from scratch. This way, we can not only look after the essential parts of your branding but also those that are less visible or discreet, like an indoor sign, for example. This includes the right size and hues that will significantly impact your sign’s effectiveness. If you are searching for a trusted sign company “near me,” feel free to reach out!

    The amount of time and energy that go into creating a sign can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider before putting pen to paper, let alone picking up the phone and calling a sign company. What size should the sign be? How many colors should it have? What type of materials? How much does it cost? For answers to these questions and more, read on!

  • Our Site Visit – We will schedule a site visit to evaluate the space available for signage. After our site visit, we will provide a quote with accurate pricing. We are a Sign Company Based in Houston that can come and give you a quote on your current sign situation. At the end of this workshop, we will provide you with examples of different marketing campaigns from companies similar to yours. This will give you an idea of what your establishment could have in store for you. We are an established sign company in Houston, led by a team of professionals with decades of experience combined. We can tailor your project to any budget and make sure you get the results you need.

  • The execution of your strategy starts with a perfect design. After that, we’ll measure and fabricate all the signage elements. Then, we’ll install them and make sure they’re running smoothly and efficiently. We also offer repair & maintenance in case you’d like us to come back to take care of any problems after some time.

    Let your local sign shop in Houston be your source of all Indoor and outdoor needs.

  • POST INSTALLATION – We will go over post-installation cleanup so that your façade is usable immediately. This also ensures your building is ready to receive customers, clients, and guests

  • GUARANTEE – We’re here to ensure that you’re always satisfied with your new signage. We provide service guarantees because we want the signage end results to be guaranteed too. Our technicians pay attention to all the little details, so you know your sign will last for years without fail. As a Houston sign company, we’re committed to meeting your customer expectations and being your long-term signage partner.

Not only do our signs look good, but they offer to advertise solutions to help you grow your business. You deserve the best and we’re here to find the right solutions for you.

LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC Outdoor Sign Companies

Signs have a way of complementing your business, regardless of its size. Whether you’re a small startup or a huge company, signs can help foster your relationship with potential and current clients.

We’ve created a one-stop shop for all of your sign needs. While you search for a sign company “near me,” take a browse through our many options at Vital Sign Solutions!

  • Acrylic Signs

  • ADA Signs

  • Banners

  • Bathroom Signs

  • Blade Signs

  • Building Signs

  • Business Signs

  • Car Wraps

  • Channel Letters

  • Commercial Van Wraps

  • Custom Signs

  • Dimensional Letters

  • Door Signs

  • Environmental Graphic

  • Exterior Signs

  • Fleet Wraps

  • Floor Graphics

  • Hanging Signs

  • Interior Signs

  • LED Signs

  • Lobby Signs

  • Metal Signage

  • Monument Signs

  • Office Signs

  • Pylon Signs

  • Real Estate Signs

  • Storefront Signs

  • Trade Show Displays

  • Tradeshow Signs

  • Truck Wraps

  • Vehicle Graphics

  • Vehicle Wraps

  • Vinyl Signs

  • Vinyl Wraps

  • Wall Graphics

  • Wall Murals

  • Wayfinding Signs

  • Window Graphics


If you put your commercial indoor signs out of sight, customers may have a negative first impression of your business. But when they see the interior design that matches the exterior signs, they could walk away with an overall positive opinion of your brand.

As your local commercial sign company in Houston, Texas, we are ready to help you with any of your indoor signage needs regardless of industry. Interior signs serve many purposes and are available in a variety of materials.

  • Manufacturing plants, restaurants, and cafes all need signs that are readable and visible to promote safety. Grocery stores also need aisle signs to help customers find products they want to buy.

  • Differently-abled individuals need ADA signs in hospitals so that they can navigate the building and participate at their own terms. A lack of these signs leads to inconveniences.

  • Offices need wall murals that display inspirational quotes. These can help increase employee morale.

  • Digital displays showcase video Offices can benefit from having wall murals with inspirational quotes displayed. These can help improve employee morale ads in retail stores. These promote the latest collections and reduce customer wait times.


A well-designed & skillfully fabricated outdoor sign is the most effective way to make an impact on the public. They can turn visitors into customers:

  • Help your business stand out with marketing and advertising that resonates. Our solutions have helped our clients grab the attention of targeted potential customers and boosted awareness of their businesses.

A lot of customers will come in for a store’s interior signage, which can make or break the decision to shop. A new novel study by the International Signing Association found that it is even more important to businesses that are less recognizable.

That’s why Vital Signs Solutions can help you to produce high-quality exterior signs that are suitable for many situations, like retail signage.

  • LED Signs

  • Roof Signs

  • Blade Signs

  • Monument Signs

  • Awnings

  • Cabinet Signs

  • Banner Flags

  • Hanging signs

  • Post and Panel Signs

  • Pole Signs

  • Yard Signs

  • Sidewalk Signs

You’ve come to the right place if you want a reliable sign company that can help your business “get noticed.” We have fabulous 5-star reviews from our past customers who have used our services on a range of signs including building maintenance signs, window & door signage, and custom-printed paper materials.


Are you interested in customized signage solutions to boost your company’s performance? Vital Sign Solutions can provide everything that you need and more. From one-off projects to long-term strategic planning, our company is here to help your business succeed.

Our consultants and designers will help turn your ideas into reality. While implementing branding, they can also consult you on sign-type specifications like:

  • Materials

  • Dimensions

  • Finishes

  • Illumination Types

This ensures that your signs are unique to you. Most of the time, people land on our website looking for “custom signs in Houston” or “custom sign companies in Houston.”

With so many different types of signage that we offer, it should be easy for you to find the one that will be perfect for your business. It would be a privilege to work with you and provide the necessary signage.


Invest in vehicle wraps or graphics for billboards that work like traditional ones. They can help expand your advertisement reach and provide you with thousands of impressions to interest potential customers each day.

Vital Sign Solutions can supply all your vehicle signage requirements, whatever they may be. You can depend on us to provide:

  • Full fleet wraps

  • Partial ad wraps

  • Vinyl graphics

  • Vinyl letterings

  • Vehicle window films, and

  • Vehicle Magnets

Not only do we offer a wide variety of vehicle wraps for your regular-size cars, but we can also provide a vinyl wrap for other types of vehicles like SUVs and vans.

  • Boats

  • Yachts

  • Lawnmowers

  • Golf carts

  • Trailers

We only use premium-quality vinyl to ensure that images, graphics, and text maintain a high resolution. This also enables the prints to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years to come.

Thanks to our expert installers and sign makers, wraps and decals are seamlessly applied to all the grooves and distinct features of your vehicle. We only use high-quality, outdoor-grade vinyl to ensure that your images, graphics, and text maintain a sharp look. This also ensures that the prints will last for a long time even in harsh weather conditions.


Promotional products spread your brand through positive word-of-mouth. It’s an exciting way to increase awareness and get new people on board!

Promotional items from traditional businesses have become commonplace. Customers who like your products and services often buy a souvenir to show their appreciation. Whenever they walk around with their branded bags and key chains, you’re also getting qualified reviews from people without them saying a word.

Promotional items are an important part of your marketing strategy. You can get potential customers to recognize, remember and become a customer by giving them a physical gift or token.


As your local sign company in Houston, Texas, we know that every business has its own unique needs. For this reason, we have a wide range of services on offer to suit your needs:


Your signs may sometimes need some special attention. This can ensure that your business always presents clean, high-quality standards.

Houston sign companies are plentiful- but as a provider of quality banners, signs, and printworks, we believe that we are the best.


Our signage design is just one of our many services. Whether you need help with the visual side of things or the wording, our expert team will make sure you get it.


We make sure your sign is installed in the most effective spot and stays up for a lifetime. All of our installation work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We provide businesses in the Houston area with branded signage that’s made sure to meet their needs and showcase their company’s best qualities. We will never stop striving to be the best in our field.

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