Little League Banners Boost the Morale of the Team

Little league banners help bring the team morale up and increase the teams’ revenue by getting sponsorship for the teams. The idea banner will be 3 foot by 5 foot and hemmed with grommets on the four corners. These are durable banners that last a complete season.

There are two types of banners that every Little League Team need:

  1. Sponsor Banners:
  2. Sponsor Banners are great banners for getting revenue for the league and teams. This also allows small businesses to get their brand out in front of local families and the community.
  3. Team Banners:
  4. This is a critical banner to all Little League Teams. These banners help boost the team members’ morale and family confidence in the league. Often they have the members’ first name with the last initial. The families will take photos of each other in front of the banners.

Our Commitment as a Sign Commanders to You

Sign Commanders work very hard to keep our clients happy and give them a product they will love and use.

We commit to you to give you the best service in the industry. A quality product with quality service. Our in-house sign designers can take care of everything for you. Our printing will be crystal clear with no blemishes. We want your product to be vibrant and stand out from the rest!

Youth sports are essential in every community. They promote sports and outside activities for the kids, not only that, and it promotes family time together. These times become memories for a lifetime! Your youth will remember their time in sports, and the family is there!

Recommendations for Little League Banners

We always recommend putting the players’ names, coaches, and team mothers on the banners. This boosts morale and lets everybody know who to go to with questions.

Often, we put pictures of the players on the banners. The players love this. It gives them a spotlight, and the families will take family pictures with the banner. This also allows the community to see what the players look like; they will congratulate them when they see them at the corner store or school.

How we Design Sponsor Banners

When you come to use for your team sponsor banners, we work with your sponsor and you to get the best possible representation of their company. This allows us to get their logo from them directly. It assures we have their most up to date logo with the proper colors.

This also helps to boost your sponsors’ confidence in sponsoring your team. They know they will be handled the right way. We have found teams love this because they get the same sponsors year after year.

Team Banners

Your team banners are designed with your colors and logo. They will be glossy with four corners hemmed and metal grommets for hanging up. This helps to beautify the banner and make it last longer. The bright colors will remain bright for the whole season, plus longer. There have been teams that have used the same banner the following year.

How to Hang Your Banner

Mounting or hanging your banner is easy. The metal grommets we use is the mounting point. Baseball team coaches will use bungee cords or metal wire to attaches to a wire fence. This is the easiest way to hang them or display them.

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