Industries We Serve as a Sign Shop

Every company that is ever opened is in need of professional signs. Sign Commanders takes pride in helping everybody from small businesses to large corporate companies. Seeing businesses thrive in the Houston areas and growing with them has been a huge pleasure.

We can and will help you every step of the process from designing, permits to installation. We want you to have an engaging sign that will draw attention and pay for itself many times over!

Sign Shop, Sign Commanders years of experience allows us to understand the local ordinances and laws in and around Houston. Not only are our signs engaging and beautiful, they are backed by our three-year warranty. When you purchase from sign commanders you are purchasing with a piece of mind.

A Good Quality Sign Helps Your Business Stand Out

Your sign makes a big difference in attracting clients. Your sign not only helps people find you but also draws in new client. A junky sign is a sign of a junky business. Your goal should be to attracting new traffic and clients.

Here are a few industries we build and design signs for:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Church Signs
  • General Contractors
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Retail Locations
  • Chemical Plants
  • So many more we are unable to list!

Signs are no longer just to landmark your location. Sign have become an advertisement for your business. Specials are often run and displayed with great success on these signs. These are great ways to reach out and touch a potential client.

The Right Sign for Your Business Makes the Difference

Different types of businesses need different types of signs. Consumer based businesses may want tall big signs to attack client from roadways while companies like trucking may only need an aluminum none laminated sign.

Theaters, churches and other large venues may want a marquee sign or a sign with interchangeable letters to advertise upcoming events and features. Programmable LED signs can benefit a broad range of industries, as they allow for quick and colorful presentations that can be easily changed.

Sign Commanders can and Will Create the Perfect Sign for You

Our experience speaks for itself. Sign shop making is still an art form and we love doing it! Not only that we love working with people to accomplish their goals! We manufacture, design, and install on a daily bases. Remember a business without a sign is a sign of no business!

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