Choosing the Right Sign Shop can be Confusing. Here is a Guide to Help You.

Not every sign shop is the best for your needs. We will help you by putting this guide on here to help you pick the proper sign shop for your needs. Don’t just google sign shop near me and select the first one that comes up. You want to make sure the store has excellent products, reliable staff, and competitive pricing.

We know and understand that you are making a significant decision, don’t regret it by picking the first one that you come to. Sign Pros understands your needs, and if we don’t, we sit down and discuss your needs on one basis. Below is a list of important factors you should consider.

How Long Have They Been Open: 
  • There is nothing wrong with using a new sign shop that just open, but the question you need to ask is, do they have the resources and experience to get the job done. Sign Pros has been in the Houston areas for over 20 years. We have just opened another location on the East side of town, with plans of opening in Humble. This lets you know that we are here to stay and value the product put out by our stores.
Knowledgeable Staff: 
  • Their staff should be learned and know all steps of the process. Often, problems arise that, if not immediately solved, will or could cause problems in the future. Everybody you speak to, from the phone to the builder, all know the proper process. We want to make sure you get quality.
Customer Service: This is a big one you need to watch out for. Some companies will be celebrated in the beginning. Then after they get your deposit, they act differently. The goal is to give you five-star treatment all the way through the whole process. The sign business is very competitive, and there are many sign companies out there, go to another one if you have a funny feeling.
Graphic Designer In-House Not Out Sourced:sign shop
  • If the sign company does not have a graphic designer in the house, then run! The backbone of the sign industry is graphic designers. Some companies try to save money by using online graphic designers, but this keeps their clients from sitting down and speaking to the designer directly. We want that personal touch and sit down and discuss your project; your project is important to us!
Are They Reliable: There are several ways to tell this? When you call, do they call you back, or do you have to play phone tag with them? If you have trouble getting in touch with a sign shop, you might not want to use them. You are the client and deserve to answer speak to someone! What would happen if one of the signs you purchased from them breaks? How would you get in touch with them?
Look at Client Reviews:
  • Google is a great place to check reviews from other customers. Just search the name, and they will pop up. Read through the reviews, get to know the company. See if they responded to the reports are let them sit there unanswered. Not all good companies are going to have all good reviews. A couple of reviews that don’t give the same as most reviews could be a competitor or just a client who experienced an adverse event.
Price Point: 
  • Price is a deciding factor in many sign purchases. Keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. Many factors go into pricing products at a sign shop. An example is our vinyl is the best money can buy; we raise our prices to offset the cost. This enables us to offer you a five-year warranty on all signs made by us.

In Conclusion

We hope you have found this guide helpful in choosing the right company to use. We are here to help you and answer any further questions you may have. Call us at 713-360-6675. Our goal is to help and make sure our clients are 110% satisfied!

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