Custom Houston Banner Printing 

Sign Commanders is a sign company that produces high-quality banners daily, in full color. Flags are not considered a long-term sign solution but, at times, are the best solution. Some sign shops will tell you banners will last years outside; they do not. Depending on the environment, your banner can last for years or maybe only months.

You Want the Best Banner Material 

We are the best sign shop in Houston because we offer more comprehensive solutions than other shops. We can help you non matter what solution you need.

  •  13 oz reinforced scrim banner material is our choice for general-purpose banners. These can be glossy or mat material.
  • Mesh banner material is excellent for installation outdoors that needs to allow air to pass. We don’t recommend this material because of the summer heat here.
  • Double-sided banners. These are great for applications like a driveway where you have an entrance message and an exit message.
  • Custom sizes and shapes. We can give you extra-large to customized shapes.

Banner Options

Banners can have several options. We are capable of making a custom vinyl banner anyway you need it in Houston, TX. Some people want grommets, hemmed or no grommets, and no hem. Unusual shapes or extra grommets.

You may need popup banners for a trade show or function. These are banners that stand that print custom. They pop up or out and can be carried in a bag for convenience.

Every banner we make comes with hems and grommets. Grommets are every twenty-four inches unless you request different. If you need pole pockets, please let us know. We can finish it to fit a frame for you. Any questions you have about banners, please call us at 713-360-6675. Our turnaround time depends on the printing services we are providing you and the workload.

Below is Some Common Uses of Banner Printing

Banners have several common uses. Below we will list a few of them. You can use them almost anywhere for anything!

Grand Opening Banners

Grand opening banners help to inform and draw attention to your newly open business. They are very effective at bringing people in. These help to supplement your current signage. We always suggest you include your logo on your grand opening banner to help promote your brand.

Often we suggest a feature flag as an addition. The feather flags can be customized, and there is a movement to draw attention. These are well made and very effective!

Specials Banners

Here in Houston, Texas, we have had to shut down because of the COVID pandemic. We all were issued shut down orders. A great idea is hanging your banner where people can see it, to let them know you are open for business. So many companies have either not opened or are permanently closed down. You may have customers that do not know you have reopened.

A few businesses have been having us make what we have termed reopening or grand re-opening banners. These are great for restaurants, bars, and cafes. Our banners will give you a competitive edge!

Safety Banners

Safety Banners are a great way to encourage safe practices in employees, vendors, and visitors. These are usually used indoor and outdoor. If you need to get a safety message out, banners sometimes make more sense than a poster because of the two’s longevity.

They are great if a particular area has hazards that other parts of your location do not. Let’s say there is an area where you need fresh air and the other regions you do not, which will notify workers and visitors of those areas!

Custom Banner Design in Houston, Texas

We will design a custom banner to draw interest and customers. At times all you might need is simple black letters but other times, you may need a full-color banner for the same effect. We print a banner of all kinds, little league banners, events, sponsorship, and company.

When you call us, try to know the size you need and the location or mounting. This helps us when pricing and design. If you are using it at an event, it gives us even more options.

If your banner attracts drivers or passengers, you need to have a more prominent banner, but you can go much smaller if your banner is for indoor use. Message sizing also has a lot to do with this.

Get an idea of what you may require. Do you want a bright, attention-grabbing banner, or do you want a branding banner with your company information on it? If you are hanging your banner on a building, you want to make sure it stands out, so you don’t want to turn a white background banner on a white building! Maybe a black flag with white letters will work better!!

We have the best designers in the Houston signs industry, and we want to help you with your needs! Give us a call for your no-obligation banner quote at 713-360-6675.

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