Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very complicated subject that evolves on a daily basis. There are several search engine companies, probably the most well-known is Google.

We don’t just focus on one search engine, we want a small piece of pie from all of them for you. No SEO company can guarantee you first page rankings, do not fall for this. Here at UAM Sign Commanders we will follow the best practices act and do what is required. Local SEO is the main type of SEO we focus on. There have been plenty of very happy clients and would love to help you.


Our in house experts will deploy technical SEO for you. This means we analyze your competition and see what is working for them and based on that we build a plan of attack. This is a technical search engine optimization.

You never want to be on page ten when you could be on page one or two. Your business deserves this. Nobody goes through pages and pages of search results to find a company to work with. Our goal is to get your website ranking and Google My Business listing help drive you, clients. When these start ranking it is like having a 24-hour free sales person working!

We will employ long term solutions not fast short term results. When you do SEO in a certain way the search engines respect that you are following their guidelines and are not doing anything against their terms of service. You do not want to get deindexed or blacklisted from search engines for doing the wrong things.

Pay per click

Pay per click or PPC is when you are paying a search engine, website, or company per action. Like if their visitor clicks on your advertisement. We handle all types of PPC campaigns and optimizations. As a full-service marketing service, you get the best results in as little time as possible. This can be a fast way to drive traffic to your brand. We watch your ROI and monitor everything. Our experts create campaigns that lead to high conversions. Daily we work on maximizing your pay per click budget.


We come across small businesses that set and forget type of campaign, this may work at first but it fails in the long run. Without knowing it you could be bidding on a keyword that has a negative effect on you and nobody wants that.

Being the best digital marketing agency in Houston Texas, we are here to help you become unstoppable and successful! Don’t go with a company that is new and trying to become the best, go with the best and forget the rest!

As a leading digital marketing agency, we provide specialized services to help you achieve your objectives. We offer custom solutions based on your company’s needs. Call us today to get started with digital marketing for your business!

Custom Website Development

Your website makes a statement about your company and services. This is often the first time potential clients see or learns anything about you. It is very important for you to make a great impression. The first impression you make is the most important. Google looks for certain things to rank a site and give it preference over others.


Mobile Responsive is very important in any website design. Your site MUST be mobile responsive in order to get any traffic. If a potential client goes on your site and can not read it on their phone, then you lose the client. As a marketing agency, we make sure to stay on top of new technology and trends.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is important to your success. It helps to make your brand stick out and makes brand awareness. This also allows you to connect with your clients directly and build relationships. Gone are the days where you would send out mass emails and hope to make sales, today it is posted on your social media and bring sales in!

The greatest plus about social media marketing is your loyal clients will share your content and bring more followers and clients into you.


Social media marketing helps generate brand awareness, brand loyalty, and boost traffic to your website. We create posts to help reach your target audience and build relationships with your customers. As part of our multi-platform social media marketing services, our team posts on a variety of platforms.

We also engage with your followers to help increase interaction. This not only drives website traffic, but it can also help your pages get in front of potential customers.


Social media marketing allows consumers to be part of the products and identify with you. This personal touch is very important to all of us. This builds your online reputation. Very important and is often overlooked by small businesses. Let us focus on your social media marketing while you handle day to day operations!

Google My Business Management

Your GMB listing is a very important asset to any business. If these are not set up right you will lose valuable traffic and money.


UAM Sign Commanders make a weekly post on it to keep it active and optimized. Adding new photos helps you in local searches.

Keyword Research Long Tail

The number one way a consumer or client will find your site is by keyword or phrase searching. Today we have several levels of searches, a traditional search where it is keyword-based, a voice which is where you ask your device to locate something, and phrase search. We do research on these and come up with a plan of attack to drive your traffic. By doing this we are also getting everything ready for paid traffic or PPC campaigns.


A very intense resource is done to discover what your competitors are doing and ranking for. It could be a product or brand. Keyword research helps us to determine which keywords are most valuable for your success. By targeting those keywords you will naturally get more traffic to your brand. The advantage to us doing this is organic keywords that you rank for do not cost anything, as far as paid traffic, and help to drive clients your way twenty-four-seven!


Keyword research is often overlooked by clients and other SEO companies. This research is so important that we dedicated close to 40 hours per client getting to know the trends and most valuable keywords and search phrases. This helps you to know, and us, what needs to be optimized. Because this is so important and vital to the success of your website it can never be skipped! The tools we use are the best in the industry. They are third-party and update us on a daily basis, allowing us to stay on top of changing trends or issues with your SEO.

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