Uses for Acrylic Signs 

Acrylic signs are the perfect modern, appealing sign you can have. Acrylic is a safer alternative to glass. Glass can break and cut people and things. We make our signs out of a colorless, durable polymer that is transparent. Acrylic signs are cheaper than glass, thus making it the best alternative. 

You will have your sign custom made and designed to meet your needs. They will be professionally made with the best of care. You can have modern room ids, wayfinding signs, menu boards, and branding. 

There is not one use we cannot use this material for. We are a full-service sign shop located in Houston, Texas that takes great pride in building and designing your signs. Our experienced sign professionals are here to help you with all of your sign needs. Our customer service is rated the best in Houston, and we are proud of it! 

There is a Huge Verity of Acrylic Sign Options 

There is a huge list of purposes. We can fabricate each one of them.  

Below are some of the applications we use acrylic for: 

  • Clear Boxes 
  • Brochure Holders 
  • Point of Purchase Products 
  • Signs and Easels 
  • Trade show Exhibits 
  • Menu Boards 
  • Restaurant Boards 
  • Directional and Informational Signs 
  • Name Badges and Nameplates 
  • Office Building Signs 
  • Showroom Signs 

Acrylic Sign Ideas 

We are going to list a couple of ideas to help you discuss your sign. Keep in mind our professional sign designers will help you every bit of the way. These are high-quality ways made of high-quality acrylic to improve your business space. Printing directly to the acrylic make it look even more professional. Below is a couple of common uses: 

  • Incorporating your logo and colors 
  • Stripes and boarders 
  • Creating a 3D effect applying an image on the backside of the sign 
  • Using layers to enhance your sign 
  • Use of non-glare acrylic to reduce glare 
  • Design and implications of custom signage 

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How to Care for Your Acrylic Sign 

Heat is the worst thing for acrylic. Heat causes it to warp, band, or change color. Never leave it in a hot vehicle. Whenever transporting it, lay it flat. Use clear acrylic signs inside or for short term outdoor use. Please use care when handling your acrylic. You don’t want to scratch it or chip it. 

The acrylic used in your outside box sign is specifically made for that purpose and does not affect it. 

Frosted or Clear Signs 

With years of experience in the sign industry, we know that color and transparency matter. Some applications you want to be clear, while other times a frosted sign will work a lot better.  

Clear will give you a nice modern appeal that a frosted may not give. But in other circumstances, a frosted acrylic sign may have the same effect. Our goal is to give you a high-quality sign that is affordable and lightweight that you don’t have to worry about shattering. 

Outdoor or Indoor Signs 

Acrylic signs have so many uses that we cannot list them all. These signs are primarily used as an indoor sign but often used on the outside. We have to use a thicker material for use outside. No matter the application you need, we will be able to accommodate your signage needs.  

How to Clean an Acrylic Sign 

The best way to clean your sign is to use a cotton towel and a very mild soap. Gently was the signage with light moisture and gentle strokes. Your finished product will last years to come. 

We are a Full-Service Sign Company Houston 

We make all types of signs. When we order the material to make your sign, it comes in a sheet. We take this sheet and cut it into a custom shape. This is the most cost-effective way for us and you. We then prepare it for installation with drilled holes.  

According to your specifications, we want you to have the highest quality sign possible hand made by us. Our goal is to get you fast signs custom made for you. 

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