Custom Made Corrugated Plastic Signs (Coroplast)

Corrugated plastic is a durable and rigid substrate that is a perfect sign material. We use this substrate for a wide variety of signs, including outdoor applications, political yard signs, bandit signs, directional signs, and light pole advertising. You can have a full-color sign made out of this material or just one color, whatever your requirements are.

Corrugated plastic signs are a great inexpensive solution to make display signs for indoor or outdoor use. We print out your logo or design on a specialized sign material, this material is then laminated, with UV protective lamination, and stick to the coroplast material.

Because of the process, we use the coroplast sign becomes weatherproof and durable. The signs can be held up in the ground with an H frame. These are sold here separately.

The very best advantage to Corrugated Plastic Signs is the price. This is one of the cheaper materials used in the sign business. This material makes it possible to get much more for your money.

Corrugated Sign Price List Houston 

18 X 24 $29.00 $35.00
2 X 3 $52.00 $87.00
2 X 4 $65.00 $110.00
2 X 6 OR 3 X 4 $92.00 $156.00
2 X 8 $115.00 $194.00
3 X 6 $121.00 $204.00
3 X 8 $138.00 $233.00
4 X 8 $153.00 $259.00


Our Payment Options for Purchasing Signs

Sign Commanders accepts all types of payments. We try to discourage cash for security reasons. Credit cards are accepting on-site or through our online process. If you are a company, we will gladly accept a purchase order (PO) from your company. Many other companies will not start producing your signs until the check or payment clears the bank. We do not do this. If you are a new client you will will be required to give a 50% deposit. This is only for the first purchase, after that we will invoice you without a down payment.

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Corrugated Plastic Signs

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